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The Freedom Base: An organization dedicated to controlling Wyrmland activities.

Wyrmland has had a varying history of human rights. They are considered to have improved since the creation of the parliament and were at their best during the reign of Nathan Cairns, but were at their worst during the Wyrmland Civil War. Today they are moderate, with a relatively stable country, but persecutions of Judeo-Christian religions, and vegans still commonly occurring.

Vegan RightsEdit

In 2013 the government proposed a law that would make veganism a crime. Animal Rights groups would also be persecuted under the anti-vegan law. Nathan Cairns refused to accept the law, despite pressure from Nidhoggr I Archduke of Wyrmland and Muhammad Muhammad, then head of the National Army. He later resigned, and became a Christian. Under Muhammad Muhammad, the law was put in place, and veganism is now illegal.

The trial of Paul Popplewell, a know vegan, attracted a lot of protest from vegan rights groups. When he was brought before the Wuffinga Tribunal, a court for trying vegans, New Zealand vegan protesters protested outside, but were attacked by the National Army and Royal Guard. Ten were arrested. The Freedom Base, a New Zealand militaristic organization, Requested that the vegans be released. Archduke Nidhoggr responded to this by having the Royal Guard beat one of the vegans. The vegans are still detained, bringing the amount of incarcerated people to twenty.

Wyrmland Civil WarEdit

Main Article: Wyrmland Civil War

In the Wyrmland Civil War, the USCF (United Southern Christian Front) declared war on the Pagan and Muslim population of Wyrmland. The capital city of Agenland comprised of these religions, and the government was, and still is, totally comprised of Asatru Pagans and Muslims. The city of Greenfolk in the south was mostly Christian. The Christians occupied the East Wazzraland, later the West Wazzarland and then Agenland . The war had no fatalities, typical of micronational warfare. However, after the war, the USCF and the Army of Yaweh were forced to convert to Asatru and were imprisoned. This drew criticism from Pastor Jeremy Gray, a Wyrmland Christian rights activist, and former Mayor of Greenfolk. The Pagan and Muslim government had both taken great offense at the nation being renamed New Israel by Nathan Cairns, particularly as the nation doesn’t recognise Israel. However Jeremy Gray advocated the nation changing its name and becoming a republic, and for only Judaism and Evangelical Christianity to be legal religions. His home was subsequently placed under surveillance.